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Moving across the country involves a considerable amount of planning and preparation. When you are gearing up for a long distance move, you will want to start getting ready for your moving process well in advances. As you are preparing for a move, you may want to contact long distance moving companies near Phoenix. Long distance movers can help you create a moving checklist that will help you ensure that every element is in place for moving day. Additionally, your moving company can lift, organize, and transport your boxes and other items. If you are considering an upcoming move, here is an overview of what you need to do two months before your moving day arrives.

Move with Us written on truck
Get Moving Estimates

Two months before you move, it is a great idea to contact a local moving company to receive an estimate for your services. Your movers will evaluate factors such as the size of your current household and the distance of your move when providing you with a moving quote. With a moving estimate, you will be ready to book your moving day services.

Start Packing Nonessential Items

In order to make sure that your move is as stress-free as possible, it is a great idea to start packing nonessential items well in advance. For example, toys, equipment, and tools that you do not plan on using in the near future can all be placed into boxes. When you begin packing months ahead of time, you will have less to do leading up to your big day.

Consider Getting Rid of Unwanted Belongings

Along with packing your nonessential items, you may also want to consider getting rid of any belongings that you do not plan on using any time in the future. You may want to go through your closet and find any clothes that are excessively worn, or that you do not wear frequently. By donating these items, you will have fewer things to pack into your moving boxes.

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