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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, also known as FMCSA, is a government agency that seeks to reduce injuries and fatalities that involve large trucks and buses. This agency is a part of the United States Department of Transportation, and it regulates commercial motor vehicles that may cross state lines. This includes long-distance moving companies and their movers near Phoenix.

When a moving company follows FMCSA regulations, they are being held to a higher standard than a moving service that does not follow these regulations. The FMCSA regulations require movers and truck drivers to follow a strict shift and sleeping schedule while on duty. Drivers must also pass physical and medical tests to be cleared to drive. The FMCSA also investigates and monitors all accidents and data that results from a truck crash. Everyone in the moving company, including supervisors, dispatchers, trainers, and professional movers, is held accountable to these standards. If regulations are not followed, the entire company will be under scrutiny. When researching your local moving companies, make sure they follow the FMCSA regulations.

An image of a packers and movers truck on the road

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