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As stressful as a major move can be for you, it’s even harder on your pets. Some pets can be susceptible to health problems caused by stress. There is also the possibility of a beloved pet getting lost in the midst of the chaos. After you hire a moving company near Phoenix, consider taking your pets to a veterinarian for microchipping. Dogs and cats should also have collars that prominently feature your name and current cellphone number. Your long distance moving company may even be able to recommend pet-friendly hotels along the route. Remember to plan frequent breaks during the trip so that your pet can relieve him- or herself.

When the packers and movers arrive at your current home, it’s a good idea to confine your pets to an isolated room. They should still have access to fresh water and other essential items. If you’re moving across the country, consider speaking with the veterinarian about sedating your pets to make the trip less stressful for them. Additionally, it’s a good idea to find an appropriate veterinarian in your new neighborhood before you depart your current home.


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