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Build a Career in the Moving Industry

Moving Team Six is hiring Movers/Drivers for our 5 Star Rated company. We are seeking men with a desire to learn a career business like moving and storage, and have a clean drivers license. Experience in the moving industry and driving large 26′ Moving Vans is preferred. We are actively hiring veterans. We are a military based company and have a military mindset to everything we do. Moving Team Six is a company that works diligently with its staff for growth and success for a personal future just as much as the business’s future.

putting moving boxes into truck

We Are Hiring

We are looking for hardworking, reliable, non-stop, humble, willing to learn, respectful, methodical, and wanting to be the best. The moving industry is not for everyone and it takes true heart and strength to get through 115 degree summer days in Phoenix. Please send over your resume or give the office a call to set up an appointment. We do require training and background checks if you pass the interview process. We are hiring immediately and looking for men who want the best for themselves and our company. Benefits & paid vacation provided.

Job Type: Full-time & Part Time

Salary: $13.00-15.00 per hour (Depending on experience & clean driving record)

Please Email:

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