• Boxes in Corner

    How to Take the Stress Out of Downsizing

    Moving can be stressful, and having more stuff than you can take with you doesn’t help. If you have more things than you want to take with you to your new home and wish to reduce your belongings before getting moving estimates and booking movers near Phoenix , then keep reading for some advice on […]

  • Moving Tips

    Tips for Picking a New Neighborhood

    Each city and town has its own character, and so does every neighborhood. If you have already hired home movers in Phoenix and know what area you’re moving to, but you have yet to select the location in which you’d like to live, then read on for some tips on picking your new neighborhood. Study […]

  • Woman Packing

    Why Office Relocations Require Professional Movers

    Are you planning to move your business to a new office? If so, then don’t make the mistake of hiring just any moving company for this important task. Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons why you should choose to work with professional office movers in Phoenix for your relocation. Hiring a moving […]

  • Family Unpacking Boxes

    Making Moving with Kids Easier

    Whether you need local or long distance moving services, the process of transitioning your family into a new home can sometimes be a challenging one. If you recently received your moving estimate in Phoenix and are beginning the packing process, then watch this video for some tips on making it easier to move with kids. […]

  • Fast Delivery

    Spotlight on Our Safe Moving Services

    You’ll probably donate certain items, trash others, and use a storage space to reduce clutter when you’re preparing for long distance moving, but everything else will be coming with you. Not everything can be packed up into a box and thrown into the back of the moving truck. Larger items like furnishings are durable, and […]

  • Moving Van

    Reasons to Upgrade to Premium Moving Services

    The best moving companies will help you get through the move in any way they can. If you’re looking for the best possible service, you can always upgrade to premium moving services in Phoenix . Your moving company shouldn’t be cutting corners in the first place, but you can rest assured that you’ll only get […]

  • Modern Living Room

    Tips for Planning Your Furniture Placement in Your New Home

    Planning is everything. It keeps your things from getting damaged when moving across the country, and it takes some pressure off the moving company near Phoenix. Figuring out how to place your furniture in your new home can be difficult to plan for if your stuff is all in storage, but there are creative ways […]

  • Couple Moving Boxes

    Long Distance Relocation? Here’s How to Meet Your New Neighbors

    Long distance moving companies near Phoenix can do just about everything but help you meet your neighbors. Even if you’re shy, there are ways to adapt to your new environment after moving across the country. The most straightforward way is to simply walk next door and introduce yourself to let the neighborhood know it has […]

  • Person Taping Box

    Let Us Help You Avoid the Stress of Unpacking

    If you are looking for a moving company near Phoenix that will provide you with expert services during your upcoming move, look no further than Moving Team Six. For over a decade, we have provided our residential and commercial customers with top tier moving services . When you work with our moving service, we can […]

  • Taping Moving Boxes

    What Is the Right Way to Tape Moving Boxes?

    When you are getting ready for your movers to arrive, you will want to pack your stuff into sturdy boxes. In order to reinforce your boxes, you will need to tape them the right way. In this video, you will receive step-by-step instructions for taping moving boxes. To start, make sure that you tape down […]