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    When it comes to moving, there are some ways to save money on expenses including reusing old boxes but should you reuse boxes or buy new? At first glance it might seem like the environmentally friendly option to reuse boxes is also the most economical option, but that’s not always the case.

    Is it Good Idea to Reuse Moving Boxes?

    Give old moving boxes new life when you drag them out of storage or your friend’s garage for your next move. Saves money, clears storage space, and keeps boxes out of the landfill. Sounds like a good citizen award winning choice, doesn’t it? Maybe.

    Use Caution if you’re Reusing Moving Boxes

    It’s great to re-use boxes rather than throwing away or recycling but you’re at risk for bugs and pests to move with you. This is especially true of go to a source like Craigslist or Freecycle. Bedbugs, scorpions, and spiders love dark places and what better place to hide than a stack of moving boxes in the corner of a garage or attic. You’re risking moving all of these pests to your new home.

    If you’re using boxes from grocery or big box stores, you’re at risk for food, cleaners, and other liquids to have been spilled in the box. Not only can this compromise the integrity of the box, it’s unsanitary and can damage your clothing, towels, or other items.

    The challenge with using used boxes is that there is really no way to treat a cardboard moving box to know it’s clean so you’re better off buying or renting new boxes for your next move.

    The Plastic Option

    While plastic storage boxes may not, at least at first, seem like the most ecofriendly choice, they might be.

    • Use plastic storage boxes made of recycled plastic.
    • Compare prices to buy new cardboard vs. plastic boxes.
    • Reuse plastic boxes over and over.
    • Plastic keeps pests out and your belongings safe.

    Reasons to Buy New Moving Boxes

    It’s a great idea to think about the environmental impact of your purchases but when it comes to moving, efficiency and safety may be the deciding factors of whether to reuse boxes or buy new.

    Peace of Mind. You don’t have to worry about what was last in the boxes when you buy new. You know you’re not bringing unwanted pests or scents from old boxes into your new home.

    Simple logistics. Buy boxes, bring them home, fill with stuff. There’s no coordinating when someone is going to be home to pick up boxes or wondering if the boxes are the right sizes for your household goods.

    Moving Team Six sells box kits to simplify the moving process. We will deliver them right to your door so there is no need to wait in line for someone to sell you an overpriced box. Contact us or call Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040.


  • 11 Tips for Moving Your Plants to Your New Home

    You’ve spent time finding the right plants for your home and now you’re planning to move. Is it possible to move potted plants? Yes! Moving your green thumb has never been simpler with these DIY tips. If you’re still not convinced, Moving Team Six can move your plants as long you’re staying in Arizona.

    Tips for Moving Your Green Thumb

    1. Preview your new home keeping in mind where you will place plants. If they won’t all fit, find them new homes before you’re overrun with foliage.
    2. A few weeks before you move, move plants from ceramic pots to lighter weight plastic pots of the same size.
    3. Two weeks before moving day, prune larger plants for easier packing.
    4. Check plants for insects or parasites. Treat the plant or avoid moving.
    5. On moving day or the night before, place plant in a box making sure it is secure at the bottom. Dish packs and paper around the base to keep it steady while in transit. Punch air holes and loosely fashion the lid.
    6. Wrap plants in sheets or tie branches of larger plants loosely so plants are easier to pick up and to prevent breakage while in transit.
    7. Clearly mark the lid so they aren’t moved into the moving truck. Load into your climate controlled vehicle to prevent damage.
    8. If you’re moving in an open vehicle, cover plants to prevent leaf loss and other damage.
    9. Don’t leave plants packed too long especially in the heat of the Phoenix summer. Be especially gentle with houseplants as they aren’t used to the heat.
    10. Unpack plants from the bottom of the box to minimize damage.
    11. Water plants after they are unpacked.

    If you’re moving from another state into Arizona, check with the Arizona Department of Agriculture for regulations regarding moving plants into the state.

    Concerned about moving your green thumb? Contact us  or call Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040 .


    You move into your new home and realize there just isn’t enough space for all your belongings yet. Pre-planning your storage space can make your life a lot easier and moving day a lot simpler. As with any move, it’s important to plan ahead. Here are our tips for choosing the right storage space:

    1. Location. If you’re only storing items temporarily, you probably want storage space that’s close to your new home so you’re not sitting in traffic just to access your storage space. Don’t let that be the only factor as the safety and preservation of your household items is top priority.
    2. Climate Controlled. Are you storing antiques, a classic car or other valuables? Consider if you need a climate controlled storage unit. This is especially important in Phoenix where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees for months at a time.
    3. Terms of Contract. Before signing on what you think is the right storage space, be sure you’re not locked into a contract for a period of time that exceeds your need for storage. Otherwise you could be paying for a unit after it is empty.
    4. Size (and Type) Matters. The reason you need a storage space is because there isn’t enough space at your new home for all of your stuff so don’t get a storage that’s too small for the overflow. The right size depends on the type of items being stored as well as how accessible they need to be to you on a regular basis. Consider if you need space for an RV, boat or other recreational equipment as those may require space separate from boxes and furniture.
    5. Access and Security. Make sure you have access to your storage space when it is convenient for you. If they’re open by appointment only during regular work hours, you might consider a different place. To keep items secure, consider more security than a keycard and code system. It will cost you more for storage but your items will be more protected.

    If you think you need storage space after your move, Moving Team Six can help you find the best storage location for your valuables.

    Contact us or call Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040.


    Luxury Property Group, part of Russ Lyon ǀ Sotheby’s International Realty, specializes in representing buyers and sellers of custom homes in north Scottsdale’s golf communities. Its clients’ homes are spread throughout prestigious communities like Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Estancia, Whisper Rock, Desert Mountain and Mirabel.

    Fortunately for real-estate agent Will Foote, one of Luxury Property Group’s three members, Moving Team Six has been serving the packing and moving needs of high-end clients in communities like these since the company’s founding in 2001. The company’s unique level of customer service and attention to detail, even for typical packing and moving jobs, sets it apart from other movers.

    Foote says he calls Moving Team Six to help his clients transport their belongings as near as across the street or as far as across the country. “Moving Team Six can do any size job with an incredible level of service,” he said.

    The company handles complex moves with equal ease. Foote recalls the case of clients who moved out of state but left the home furnished in order to help sell the property. Once Luxury Property Group had a contract from a buyer, Moving Team Six came in to pack the home’s contents and divide it up for moves to not just one prorerty, but to two other properties the clients owned. Moving Team Six coordinated the packing and seamlessly shipped the two sets of goods to their two new destinations across the country.

    Moving Team Six, headquartered in Phoenix, was founded as The Perfectionist Moving Services. Tim Lee started the moving service after clients of its sister company, The Perfectionist Home Services, requested help moving items in and out of their Scottsdale and north Phoenix homes. When Garrett Lee and J.T. Lee joined their father in the family business in 2012, the three rebranded the company as Moving Team Six to put more emphasis on moving services and help grow the company for the future.

    Moving Team Six holds itself to the highest standards of customer service. Like the U.S. military’s special mission unit known as SEAL Team Six, Moving Team Six’s team of moving professionals applies its highly skilled expertise and attention to detail to the biggest of challenges.

    “Moving Team Six always says ‘yes’ to the requests of our clients,” Foote said. “When dealing with such a high-end clientele, it’s critical to meet or exceed their expectations. Moving Team Six seems to have a knack for doing just that.”

    That knack is no accident.

    “We’ve been serving north Scottsdale clients ever since they started asking The Perfectionist Home Services for help with moving,” said Garrett Lee of Moving Team Six. “Exceeding these clients’ expectations is simply part of who Moving Team Six is today.”