• Getting Settled in Your New Home

    After you have worked with one of the best moving companies near Phoenix, your next task is to simply relax and settle in to your new home. Fortunately, your packers and movers should still be around to make sure everything is unpacked according to plan.

    Before you kick up your feet and relax, make sure to schedule so your utilities turn on ahead of time. If you have scheduled cable set-up, make sure someone is home to let the representative inside. Next, change your locks. You can never be sure who has a copy of the old key. Finally, set up and install a new home security system.

    When you want home movers in Phoenix, you need to work with Moving Team Six. Our local movers are professional and affordable, and we can provide a moving estimate so you know exactly what you are paying for. Call us today at (602) 639-4119 for more information.

  • Hiring a Professional Mover

    Are you considering hiring professional movers serving Phoenix but not quite sure where to begin? Expert packers and movers are essential during the moving process, whether you are looking for local movers, long distance movers, or office movers. Keep reading to learn why you should be sure to get a custom quote ahead of time, always ask for customer recommendations, review your moving contract, and stick to a single date for move. Professional local and long distance movers in Phoenix, AZ

    Secure an Exact Quote

    A reputable moving company should be able to provide an exact moving estimate of the cost of your move. For example, long distance moving companies will often factor in the total weight of the items to be moved, the distance to be moved, and the cost of packing all goods. Moving consultants will generally even come out to your home to provide the most precise estimate for all packers and movers, including transportation. When you discuss a contract, be sure to ask whether estimates are binding or nonbinding.

    Ask for Customer Recommendations

    A good moving company will be well known in the community, especially if they are local movers. Be sure to ask any potential movers and packers for recommendations from satisfied clients who have used their services. Speak directly to the customers about more technical work like piano moving or furniture removals.

    Review Your Custom Contract

    Make sure to read any moving contract before you complete the process of hiring professional movers. If there is anything at all in the bill that stands out, it is better to ask earlier than to be surprised later on. Hold onto your copy of the bill and keep it in a safe place. That way, if anything goes wrong with timing or if only two movers show up when you have hired three, you will be able to state your case.

  • All About Moving Team Six

    Are you looking for a moving company to help you move? You need one that will do more than just pick up your moving boxes and drop them off at your new location. Moving Team Six can provide you with two, three, or four-person moving teams and is the best moving company in Phoenix because of our ability to pack and unpack entire homes quickly and efficiently.

    When you call on Moving Team Six, you can count on us to take care of all your moving needs. We are a moving company that is devoted to providing you with the Ultimate Moving Experience, which means that we are always going to be honest and transparent with you. We will also make sure you get a great deal on your residential, business, or long term moving. When you allow us to be your moving company, Moving Team Six will make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

    Packing and moving company in Phoenix, AZ

  • Efficient Ways to Pack Your Home

    Coming up with an effective plan of action and following it as closely as you can is the best way to make a successful move. You should seriously consider hiring a moving company to help you, but you should also take the right steps to pack your belongings up before they arrive on moving day. Here are just a few things you can do before house movers in Phoenix show up at your door. Residential moving company in Phoenix, AZ

    Use high-quality supplies to pack all of your personal possessions.

    In order to make sure your possessions arrive at their final destination safely, you should purchase small, medium, and large moving boxes, heavy-duty packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, and markers.

    Label all moving boxes clearly and, if possible, label them in more than one place.

    When you move, there are likely going to be boxes everywhere. You can avoid confusion by labeling several sides of each box so that you can easily see where each one belongs.

    Designate one area of your current home for all boxes that are ready to move.

    Once you have a box packed and ready to go, it should be placed into this designated area. Try to pick a place that is close to an exit so that it will be easy for a moving company to take all of your boxes and place them into a moving truck.

    Mark the rooms in your new home so movers know where to place boxes.

    The moving service that you hire won’t know where you want them to place all of your boxes when they arrive at your new home. Help make things easy on them by labeling your rooms so that they can drop boxes off where they belong.

    Keep all essential items in a suitcase that is easily accessible during your move.

    From toothbrushes and deodorant to medications and important documents, there are items you won’t want to pack away. Place these items into a suitcase that will stay by your side throughout your move.