• Keeping Track of Your Belongings

    When you hire house movers in Phoenix, it is important to stay organized so you can keep track of all your personal belongings. Whether you hire packers and movers or plan to handle packing on your own, planning ahead before your moving services arrive will pay off in the end.

    To stay on top of your move, break up your packing and moving list into manageable parts. First, create a home inventory list documenting all your furniture and belongings by room. That way, your house movers will know exactly what they are expected to pick up. Next, color code your boxes for your moving service. This will enable professional movers to place boxes in the rooms where they will be unpacked. It will also spare you any unnecessary heavy lifting.

  • How to Plan a Long-Distance Move

    When it comes to long distance moving companies near Phoenix, it is essential to have a reliable mover. There are many factors in a cross-country move, which can make them seem more overwhelming than a local move. Fortunately, the right long distance movers can take the stress out of moving. All you really need is a reliable plan. Read on to find out why it is important to consider your new destination, set a schedule, and ask for help when you need it. Long distance moving company in Phoenix, AZ

    Consider Your Destination

    As you begin getting moving quotes, start the organizing process by considering your new home’s size and locale. For example, if you are downsizing from a suburban house to a loft in the city, you already know you will need to donate or sell furniture. As you think about what is sensible to take with you and what to leave behind, consider your new lifestyle and the weather. If you own pets, make sure to research state and city leash laws and inoculations ordinances. If you have children, be sure to plan ahead for schools. You should also begin looking in to getting homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

    Set a Schedule

    Next, set a schedule, and try to stick to it. At least two months before you move, sort the items you’d like to sell, those you plan to donate, and set them apart from things you want to keep. If you are packing your own belongings rather than hiring movers and packers, you should still take a page from the book of professional movers and packers by packing one room at a time. When you stay organized while you pack, everything will go easier when it comes time to unload and unpack in your new space.

    Ask for Help

    Professional interstate movers are vital for a long-distance move. Make sure to select a moving company that has experience with cross-country moves, and plan out the details well in advance. Make sure to speak to the company’s manager and review the contract carefully. You should also make absolute sure your new place will be ready by the long distance movers’ promised arrival date.

  • Unpacking the Unexpected Costs of Moving [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If there is one certainty with moving, it is that it can cost you more than you anticipated. Added expenses on moving day can increase the pressure of an already stressful situation, but you can decrease your chances of getting sticker shock during a move by building a more accurate budget. Start by getting an accurate moving quote. Be as precise as possible when discussing the size of your move, and alert the moving company if you will need any special services, like piano movers. Add in travel costs, including the costs of tolls and parking, and find out in advance if there are any fees for transferring your utilities or starting new accounts. Get more information about unexpected moving costs in this infographic from Moving Team Six . Our packers and movers in Phoenix can move you across town or across the country. Thousands of people move each year, so please share this useful information with your friends and family.

    Local and distance moving cost Phoenix, AZ

  • Residential Moving Services from Moving Team Six

    If you’re in need of reliable moving services in Phoenix, look no further than Moving Team Six. Our experienced house movers can help facilitate any size of move, whether you need local movers to help you relocate down the street or want long distance movers to facilitate a cross-country relocation.

    At Moving Team Six, our moving professionals are experienced, efficient, and affordable. Moving can be a time-consuming and stressful process. That is why our company offers both packers and movers to help you from start to finish. We even provide all boxes and packing materials. Our professional moving company will pack every item in your house carefully, so you know they are protected and safe no matter how far your journey. We handle furniture removals and furniture assembly and disassembly as well.

    If you want professional and experienced home movers , call Moving Team Six today at (602) 639-4119. We provide same-day moving quotes. Experienced home movers in Phoenix, AZ

  • How to Make Your Move More Organized

    When it comes to packers and movers in Phoenix , you deserve to work with a moving company that gets things done as efficiently as possible. Whether you are moving down the street or need a long distance moving company, you should also be able to trust your movers to keep your prized possessions well organized, so unpacking is a breeze. To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, keep reading for tips on how to maximize organization throughout the process. Local packers and movers in Phoenix, AZ

    Start a Planner

    Professional movers recommend starting early when it comes to moving and making. One helpful tool house movers suggest is a moving planner. A moving planner can contain contact information for your packers and movers, old and new utility companies, and new neighbors. You can even jot down notes about your new neighborhood, like where you will buy your groceries and which pediatricians are recommended. Your moving planner can also store all moving and packing receipts.

    Organize the Essentials

    The cardinal rule of moving is to pack essential items last. Even if you have comprehensive moving services and everything will be taken care of from start to finish, try to set aside a box or two of items you absolutely need until the last minute. For example, make a box held together with red tape for sheets, pillows, a coffeemaker, an alarm clock, and your child’s favorite toys. Your survival box should contain everything you need for your last night in your old home and your first night in your new place.

    Make Many Labels

    Did you know that moving companies recommend making hundreds of labels for your boxes? While it may seem like a huge number, movers and packers direct your possessions to different rooms depending on each box’s label. That means it helps everyone to be as specific as you possibly can. For example, while piano movers will clearly know which piece of furniture is your piano, a box labeled simply “kitchen” can hold any number of items. Label appliances and dishware depending on exactly where you would like them to go in your new kitchen.