• What to Look for in a New Neighborhood

    There are various considerations to think about when deciding on a new neighborhood. From what you want in the house to the surrounding community, moving can involve lots of important decisions. One of the best decisions you can make is hiring your moving company near Phoenix . The packers and movers can provide you all the help you need when it comes to moving your home and deciding what you would like in your new neighborhood.


    Proximity to the Essentials

    Depending on what you deem important in your daily life, you should move to a neighborhood close to the stores and locations you’ll visit most. These might be grocery stores and shopping centers. You may wish to live closer to your work, your friends, or your family. Hopefully, you can find a neighborhood that is within an acceptable distance from all of these locations. As you locate what you do want nearby, decide which places you are comfortable being farther away from as well. Determining these locations can help you determine the right neighborhood for you.

    Low-Crime Areas

    It is probably safe to say that many people do not want to live near high-crime areas. There is greater risk involved to yourself, your family, and your home. Look online for common crime spots in your new city. Be sure to ask your moving company for neighborhood recommendations, as well. These home movers may have better resources to find out more information about your new city and neighborhood.

    Access to Good Schools

    If you have children, or you are planning on having them, you may want to look for a neighborhood near a good school system. Often, there are online reviews and governmental assessments of various schools. You can also ask recommendations from your moving company, future coworkers, or family that lives in your new city. If the neighborhood you have picked is not near a good school, then look into alternative schools—such as charter schools, homeschooling, or enrolling your children in another district.

  • Spotlight on Garrett Lee, Co-Owner

    Searching for moving services in Phoenix should come easy when you look for a family-owned moving company with integrity and experience. Moving Team Six was founded by Tim Lee, who signed his two sons JT and Garrett on as co-owners in 2012. Continue reading to learn a little more about one of the co-owners, Garrett Lee.

    Garrett grew up in the cleaning and moving business. Working with his dad after school and football games, Garrett would assist and learn about how to run a successful moving company. He continued working throughout his college education at Arizona State University, until he graduated in 2012. Soon after graduation, Garrett joined the family business as a co-owner where he oversees the operational and administrative duties for Moving Team Six.

    When he is not offering moving estimates and overseeing his daily duties, Garrett spends time with his wife, Connie, and their two children. He also attends Christ’s Church of the Valley and offers his wisdom and mentorship through the youth ministry program.


  • Packing Your Moving Boxes

    Whether you are long-distance moving or searching for local movers near Phoenix, there is an art to packing your personal belongings . Packing your boxes in an efficient manner can keep your movers from hurting themselves and keep your valuables intact.

    Watch the video for more smart ways you can pack your boxes. Be sure to purchase solid moving boxes from a moving company or supply store. Make sure to use good duct tape when sealing your boxes. If you are transporting anything valuable, line the box with bubble wrap and newspaper. Be sure your boxes are not too heavy by keeping every box at 50 lbs. or less. If you are transporting hardback books, only fill the box halfway. This will keep the weight low and protect the box from tearing due to extra weight.

  • Planning a Cross-Country Move

    When you make the decision to move across the country , it is time to start calling long-distance moving companies near Phoenix. Moving your entire household so far can be very stressful. Utilizing the moving services of professional packers and movers will keep you and your family calm during what should be an exciting transition.


    Start Making Calls

    Any move usually requires making a few phone calls, at least, but moving across the country will require a lot of communication efforts. You will be communicating with your long-distance moving company, your landlord for your current and future home, and various utility companies. Do not forget to call your friends, family, and job to start planning any going away events you might have. In addition to making all of these calls, keep a planner or calendar handy at all times. You need to record all of the important dates of moving, utility shut-offs, and other key events.

    Begin Organizing Everything

    Even if you have a well-kept house, there will still be some room or closet that needs to be organized. Go through each room—probably starting with your junk room or garage—and designate at least three different piles. These piles will be for items you plan to keep/pack, throw away, and donate/sell. As you create these piles, start packing as you go. Do not put items in a trash bag unless you plan on throwing them away; this will help stop you from accidentally throwing away something you did not mean to.

    Create a Checklist

    Your moving company will have an inventory list of their own, and many offer a basic moving checklist. You can utilize these options, or create one yourself. The checklist should include a multitude of tasks to do and information about what you are packing. Keep this checklist/inventory with you at all times during the packing, loading, moving, and the unloading of your home. This will help to know that everything made it during your cross-country move and that you performed the tasks you needed to.

  • Why You Should Hire a Mover

    If you are planning on moving to a new home, you are probably thinking about whether or not you should hire movers to help you with your move. Some people try to make a move on their own to save money, but the truth is that you can benefit a lot from using movers near Phoenix to transport your belongings to your new home. Check out some of the best reasons to hire movers below. Movers

    Movers Will Be Able to Pick Up and Move Extremely Heavy Items

    Do you have heavy furniture or dozens of boxes that need to be picked up and taken to your new home? Rather than breaking your back trying to move them yourself, you should bring movers on board to do it. Movers are experienced when it comes to picking up heavy items, and they will be able to move them without causing any damage to the flooring or walls in both your old home and your new one.

    Movers Will Work to Keep All of Your Possessions Safe

    When you hire an experienced moving service that employs movers who take pride in their work, you won’t have to worry about any of your belongings sustaining damage during your move. If you attempt to move your boxes and furniture on your own, there’s a good chance that, at some point, frustration will get the best of you and an accident will happen. Movers will be extremely careful with your items and make sure that they stay as safe as they can possibly be during your move.

    Movers Will Allow You to Enjoy the Moving Process

    Moving is supposed to be an exciting time for new homeowners, so why ruin the entire experience by trying to move everything in your home on your own? When you hire home movers to do the job, you will be able to focus on getting your new home in order rather than picking up boxes and furniture all day. You will enjoy moving more when you have movers helping you out.