• What to Ask Your Moving Company About Transporting Your Piano

    Even though pianos are one of the most beautiful instruments, they can be challenging to move. Piano moving near Phoenix should only be entrusted to an established and experienced moving company. However, even moving companies that say they move pianos may not have the necessary experience to move your piano in a timely and safe manner. Continue reading for some of the questions you will want to ask your moving company before moving your piano. transporting - piano

    How much experience do your movers have?

    Your piano moving should not be given to a beginner. There are different types, sizes, and shapes of pianos, and they all require different tactics to move. The layout of your old and new house may also influence how your piano is moved. Ask your moving company if their movers have the necessary experience to move your specific type of piano. It is not enough for a company to say they offer piano moving; they need to back up the claim with a sufficient amount of experience.

    How will my piano be moved?

    Instead of trusting that the movers who show up will automatically know how to move your piano, ask about the process. Your piano should not be moved like a heavy, awkwardly shaped box. It requires specific methods based on the size and shape of the piano, as well as where the piano must be moved. You should have at least three to five experienced piano movers who can give you a detailed account of how your piano will be moved from one house to the next.

    Do you have references I can speak with?

    You should already ask for references when hiring a moving company. With an item like a piano, that requires a specific moving approach, you will always want to ask for references. These references should be recent clients who can give you a detailed account of their piano moving experience. The references should also inform you of any damages that may have occurred, and how the moving company responded to questions.

  • Choosing a Reputable Long Distance Moving Company

    Long distance moving companies near Phoenix are not all created equal. There are many that make claims that cannot be sustained, such as experience in piano moving services. Finding reputable and experienced long distance moving companies requires some time, research, and transparency.

    When researching different moving companies, ask friends and family members for trusted recommendations. It is best to ask the moving company for references to call, as well. Look for a company with a sufficient amount of experience, especially if specialized furniture must be moved. For example, pianos require specific methods of transportation that a moving company should be experienced in. A reputable moving company will also have the required insurances and accreditations to back up the claims of experience. It is also best to find a moving company with exceptional ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and other rating organizations. These A+ and 5 Star ratings can better determine a reputable moving company to help with local or long distance moving.

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  • Why You Need the Right Packing Materials During a Move

    In addition to hiring a moving company near Phoenix, you should ask about discounts on various packing materials. These packing materials, along with professional packers and movers, can help make your local or long-distance moving go smoothly and without problems. Here is a look at how the right packing materials are essential to a stress-free move. moving - materials

    Keep Items from Damage

    The right packing materials are necessary to keep your fragile and sturdy items from damage. For example, you may have several books that are not easily damaged. If you have an improperly packed snow globe resting on the box full of books, though, you may end up with a broken snow globe and destroyed books. There are many packing materials to keep your items secure, such as dish-specific boxes for your bowls and plates. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts are other necessary materials to keep fragile items from breaking. You should also purchase moving paper to avoid possible ink transference that may occur if you use newspaper.

    Keep Items Organized

    Packing tape, colored markers, and labels are other essential materials to use during your move. By color-coding your boxes, as well as the rooms of your new house, your packers and movers can easily locate where your boxes should be. Use the colored markers and labels to write the room destination on the four vertical sides and the top of the boxes. This will make the moving process quicker and safer for your packers and movers as they look for the box’s new location.

    Pack and Unpack Items Quickly

    When you use the right packing materials, you can pack and unpack your house in a timely and efficient manner. With the color-coded labels, boxes will already be in their intended rooms. This will aid in unpacking each room quickly. Using packing materials, such as bubble wrap and moving paper, will ensure that items are protected. This confidence will make the unpacking process go smoothly, because you will not have to inspect every dish or fragile item as you unpack it.

  • Making Moving Easier on Your Cat

    Moving can be stressful, especially on your cat. Cats do not always respond well to new environments, so it is essential to make your local or long-distance moving run as smoothly as possible. One way to ensure your cat stays safe is to inform your movers of the cat’s presence before your loading and unloading services near Phoenix begin.

    Watch the video for some necessary tips to keep your cat comfortable during the move. Once you reach your final destination, place the cat and carrier in a quiet room, away from the movers and moving commotion. Keep a familiar blanket in the carrier and leave the door ajar. Place food, water, a filled litter box, and toys in the room for when your cat comes out of the carrier. Set up some boxes or furniture for the cat to hide behind if she becomes scared.