• Here’s How to Pack Your Jewelry

    Long distance moving companies can do all of the heavy lifting for you, but you’ll probably want to pack your jewelry yourself. When moving across the country or moving across town, one major concern of jewelry aficionados is the potential loss of small items like tiny earrings. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for this. Before the moving service from Phoenix reaches your home, purchase one or more pill organizers from the pharmacy or supermarket. Place a pair of earrings into each little compartment and seal it up tightly.

    Another concern is having long necklaces get tangled up during a move. Watch this video or consult professional packers and movers for some tips on preventing this problem. The expert featured here explains how she uses a sealable freezer storage bag to safely pack long necklaces. She also shows viewers how to use a drinking straw to protect delicate necklaces.

  • Keep Your Pets Safe During a Move

    As stressful as a major move can be for you, it’s even harder on your pets. Some pets can be susceptible to health problems caused by stress. There is also the possibility of a beloved pet getting lost in the midst of the chaos. After you hire a moving company near Phoenix , consider taking your pets to a veterinarian for microchipping. Dogs and cats should also have collars that prominently feature your name and current cellphone number. Your long distance moving company may even be able to recommend pet-friendly hotels along the route. Remember to plan frequent breaks during the trip so that your pet can relieve him- or herself.

    When the packers and movers arrive at your current home, it’s a good idea to confine your pets to an isolated room. They should still have access to fresh water and other essential items. If you’re moving across the country, consider speaking with the veterinarian about sedating your pets to make the trip less stressful for them. Additionally, it’s a good idea to find an appropriate veterinarian in your new neighborhood before you depart your current home.

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  • Why Should You Trust Office Moving to the Professionals?

    For most businesses, location is a critical factor in long-term success. If your current location isn’t bringing in enough customers or it’s time to upgrade to a larger space, it’s time to speak with professional office movers in Phoenix . Many entrepreneurs have an enduring DIY attitude and may be tempted to manage the move themselves, but this is a mistake for several reasons. Hiring a moving company is a smart way to manage risk, minimize downtime, and prevent the problems that can accompany the relocation of an office. office - moving

    To Protect Your Investments

    In order to meet your company’s long-term growth goals, it isn’t sufficient to solely maximize revenue opportunities. It’s also important to protect the progress your company has already made. When you first launched your company, you may have operated with a bare bones budget and minimal equipment. Now that your company is ready for a new office, it’s quite likely that the office has accumulated expensive equipment and furniture. Attempting to move these pricey items instead of entrusting them to professional packers and movers involves considerable risk. Consider whether you’d be willing or able to replace these items if they become damaged or lost.

    To Ensure a Smooth and Speedy Transition

    Every day that your company is closed for business, it is losing money. Moving is a time-consuming endeavor that can take days if not weeks if you try to do it all yourself. It is far more practical to hire officer movers to manage this event for you. While the professional movers are getting to work relocating your company, you can stay connected with your customers or clients to assure them of a quick, hassle-free transition.

    To Protect Your Company from Legal Liability

    Legal liability is a major concern for most business owners. Depending on the nature of your business, an office move may involve multiple liability issues. If you have your employees work on packing and moving office equipment or furniture, you run the risk of a workplace injury. If your office handles sensitive paperwork, such as legal documents, the loss of these documents during a move could prove catastrophic for your company. Err on the side of caution by having fully insured and licensed office movers handle the move for you.

  • Are You Ready for Moving Day?

    If the thought of moving day fills you with dread, you’re certainly not alone. A major move is a stressful life event, but being well-prepared can greatly ease the transition. It’s best to start your preparations as soon as possible by getting in touch with a moving company near Phoenix. Using the services of professional packers and movers can make your move hassle-free and you can rest assured knowing that you truly are ready for the big day. professional - movers

    You have engaged the services of professional movers.

    You should have a firm grasp on the services you need to make your transition as easy as possible. Many families hire a moving company solely for transportation, but home movers can do much more than just take items from one place to another. It may interest you to know that professional packers are also available. Not only does this eliminate the hassle of getting your possessions ready for the move, but it also ensures that your items will be carefully packed to prevent damage in transit.

    You have sorted through the family’s unneeded possessions.

    A major move is a great opportunity to eliminate clutter. If you tend to hold on to items for longer than you ought to, getting ready for a move is an ideal time to relax this habit. As you sort through the family’s possessions, designate a few boxes for items that you definitely want to get rid of and a few boxes for items that you’re not yet sure about. When it’s time to address the latter collection, ask yourself if you’ve used a particular item in the past few years and if you’re likely to use it in the next few years. If not, consider selling, donating, or trashing it.

    You have organized and labeled the remaining possessions.

    Even if you manage to eliminate many unneeded possessions, you’ll probably have plenty of items left to pack. Get ready for moving day by packing as far in advance as possible. First, pack the items that you rarely use, along with items that are purely decorative in nature. As you get closer to moving day, you can start to pack the items that you do use more regularly.