• Protect Your Favorite Plants While Moving

    You’ve spent hours potting, watering, and caring for your plants, so the last thing that you want is for them to become damaged when you move into a new home! While different types of plants have their own specific needs, there are a few tips that can help you and your movers in Phoenix ensure that your potted plants arrive safely at your new home.

    If you will be transporting your potted plants yourself, be sure that they are not left out in freezing or hot temperatures for an extended period of time. If your residential movers will be transporting your plants, ask about premium moving services such as a climate-controlled moving vehicle. You may want to switch from ceramic to plastic pots before your movers arrive, but be sure to do this a few weeks in advance so that your plants can resettle before the move. If you are moving smaller plants, you can place several of them in a basket to make transporting them easier. Larger plants, such as potted trees, should be laid on their sides for the move.

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  • Essential Decluttering Tips

    Moving to a new home presents a range of opportunities—you’ll get to explore a new neighborhood, upgrade your house, and have a chance to declutter your belongings. After you’ve made arrangements with a moving company serving Phoenix , consider the following tips for decluttering your home before you move. smart - moving

    Give Yourself Plenty of Time

    When you try to declutter and pack your home at the last minute, you won’t have enough time to properly consider each item and sort it appropriately. You will likely end up haphazardly packing items that you’ll no longer want or need at your new home. Starting the decluttering process weeks or even months in advance of your move will ensure that you have plenty of time to sort through all of your belongings so that you don’t end up having your moving company transport more items than necessary.

    Decide What You Will Replace

    After your movers have helped you settle into your new home, you will likely want to buy some new items to fill your new house. If you know you will be buying a new couch to fit your living room, for instance, then it may make sense to sell or donate your old couch before you move. In addition to big items like furniture and decorations, you may also want to simply buy new cleaning supplies and toiletries once you arrive at your new home, rather than packing and transporting what you currently have. Make these decisions before you begin decluttering to make the process easier.

    Follow the One-Year Rule

    One of the best ways to determine if you should keep an item or discard, donate, or sell it is to consider whether or not you’ve used it in the past year. For items such as clothing, purses, and kitchen supplies, following the one-year rule will help you decide exactly what you should have your moving service transport to your new home. However, for sentimental items, such as family albums or heirlooms, you may want to disregard this rule; instead, consider which items mean the most to you and your family.

  • Help Your Pets Adjust to Your New House

    When you move into a new home, you know that you’ll soon be making lots of new memories there with your family. For your pet, however, a move can be confusing and even scary. The good news is that you can take steps to make the transition easier on your pet. After you schedule a time for your packers and movers in Phoenix to come to your house, read through the following tips so you’ll be prepared to help your pet adjust to your new house. family - moving

    Prepare Your Pet

    If you are hiring a moving company to help you relocate to a new town, it’s a good idea to get all of your pet’s medical records from your current veterinarian’s office. You may also want to schedule a check-up for your pet, especially if you will be completing a long-distance move that requires a long road trip or a flight. If you will be transporting your pet in a carrier, introduce the carrier a few days or even weeks in advance to help your pet get used to it. If you have a dog, you can begin investigating dog-friendly areas in your new neighborhood. If you are moving locally, consider bringing your dog to visit a park near your new home so that there will be a familiar place to visit once you’ve completed your move.

    Bring Familiar Items

    When you are packing a bag for yourself with a few changes of clothes, your toiletries, and other items you’ll need in your new house right away, take the time to pack a few items for your pet as well. A favorite toy and comfy bed that your pet is familiar with will help your pet feel more comfortable during the first few days at your new home. Ask your moving service to set these items aside so that they will be easy to access when you arrive.

    Let Your Pet Get Comfortable

    Once you and your movers arrive at your new home, inspect your house to ensure that there are no areas where your pet will be able to escape or injure himself. Then, allow your pet to explore the new house. If you have a cat, let him take his time with this and do not worry if he spends some time hiding. You may want to designate one room as a sanctuary for your cat—just pick a quiet area of the home and put his bed and food there. If you have a dog, walk him around your new home and yard on a leash to keep him from getting overexcited.

  • Use These Essential Office Moving Tips

    With the right preparation, you can keep your office move from disrupting your workflow and distracting your employees. Designate one person to manage your move—he or she can handle everything from finding office movers in Phoenix to drafting a schedule that outlines the order in which items should be packed for the move. This video clip provides additional tips to help you prepare for your office relocation before the movers arrive.

    Be sure that the utilities are turned on when your moving company arrives to transport your items into the new office. When you are choosing your office movers, make sure that the moving company has the proper licensing and insurance. Finally, ensure that you have a back-up plan in place for different things that could go wrong during your move, such as not having internet available in your new building for the first day you are there.