• Use These Essential Packing Supplies for Fragile Items

    Are you getting ready to hire home movers near Phoenix? If so, then you may be facing a significant amount of packing . Boxing up your items for a move can be a long process, but it’s one that can be made easier by having the right supplies. In particular, knowing what items you need to effectively pack your fragile supplies should be considered essential if you’re not planning to hire both packers and moving services.

    When it comes to packing fragile items in a way that will help them arrive safely at their destination, most movers recommend several essential supplies. Strong cardboard boxes that are dry, clean, and sturdy are a must. To make your job easier, try to find boxes that are specially designed for transporting fragile glasses and dishware. Also, you will need packing paper, packing tape, and bubble wrap. If you’re concerned that packing up your home or fragile items will be too challenging or time-consuming, then consider hiring a moving company that offers packing services, as well.

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  • Engage Your Employees Throughout an Office Move

    Your company’s workforce could be considered its most powerful asset, so keeping your staff up-to-date and included in the process of an office relocation is important. If you’re preparing to hire office movers in Phoenix , then continue reading for ideas on keeping your employees engaged in the transition. office - moving

    Consult Individually

    Switching to a new office can feel unsettling for your team. To counteract this, be prepared to meet with everyone who will be affected and approach these encounters with a thought-out plan and sensitivity. Taking the time to do this can help get the move off to a great start and encourage your staff to engage themselves in the process before you even hire movers.

    Allow Dialogue

    As you know, choosing to hire movers and transition your office to a new location is a big decision. Because of this, it’s critical to foster an open dialogue between your management and staff that allows the expression of concerns, ideas, and suggestions. Making this happen can significantly increase your ability to keep your team engaged and happy during the process of moving.

    Include Staff

    Being told that moving to a new location is inevitable and directing staff on how to comply with the change is not an ideal way to encourage employee engagement. This mistake is commonly made when management assumes that all employees will be enthused and onboard with the transition. Instead of imposing the decision to hire office movers and relocate, include your workforce in the process of creating buzz about the move and generating excitement among each other.

    Encourage Improvements

    Moving quickly and smoothly while keeping employees happy is one of the primary goals of an office move. To help achieve this, promote employee engagement by describing the move as an opportunity for positive change. While you want to get up and running without delays or hiccups, a move can be a chance to improve business performance, morale, and management. Expressing this to your team and encouraging feedback and suggestions is a great way to keep your workforce engaged throughout an office move.

  • Help Your Kids Adjust to a Big Move

    When it comes to moving across the country, finding and hiring the right movers can remove a lot of stress from the process. However, steps like these have little effect when it comes to helping children cope with the idea of leaving their home. If you’re in the process of hiring movers near Phoenix , then read on for tips on helping your kids adjust during the moving process. children - moving

    Focus on the Positive

    When it comes to moving long distance, it’s common for children to see only the negative aspects of the upcoming changes. Often, kids don’t want to leave their friends, neighborhood, activities, athletic teams, and school because they fear the loss of their community and will be newcomers after relocating. To help your children adjust to the thought of moving, explain to them how exciting it will be to learn about their new town and be exposed to first-time experiences. Also, emphasize that they can stay in touch with their current friends while making new ones after moving.

    Plan a Family Trip

    If it’s possible to do so before it’s time to start looking for movers, plan a trip with your kids prior to the event. Drive them by their new school, show them some of the local attractions, and visit a fun restaurant. By doing this, you can show your children that their new home won’t be so different from their current one and that they have plenty of things to look forward to.

    Set a Good Example

    If you’re concerned that your children will be reluctant about making friends and participating in activities in their new home, then you can set a good example by doing these things yourself. Explain to your kids that you’re excited about meeting new people and tell them about the activities and groups that you’re looking forward to joining. Finally, explore different sports and activities together with your children to stimulate their excitement about joining a new community.

  • See How the Pros Move Large Items

    Are you planning to move heavy boxes around your home to get organized before moving services arrive? If so, then using proper lifting techniques, like movers do, can be critical for preventing injuries. Watch this video to get a glimpse of how professional movers near Phoenix handle large items.

    First, consider investing in a back brace that you can pick up from your local hardware store. With the brace on, stand in front of the box with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, bend at the knees while keeping your back straight. Then, lift the box using your leg muscles and while making smooth movements to prevent muscle tears. By using techniques like these, you can help you avoid injuries in the same way that professional house movers do.