• Moving with Dogs? Then Consider These Tips

    Moving with dogs presents unique challenges to this process because they require attention and protection. Your packers and movers will be invested in safely moving your items, but you must also be aware of preparing your dogs for this event. You can make your move less stressful by preparing your dogs ahead of time and planning your packing and moving help in Phoenix during the weeks before the move. Keep reading for more helpful tips about moving with dogs. dog - moving

    Tip #1: Maintain Your Routines

    Dogs are used to certain routines built around when they eat, when their owners arrive home, and when they get taken out for walks. It is important to maintain these routines as closely as you can throughout the entire moving process. If the routines are disrupted too much, then your dogs may become stressed and act out by having accidents around the house or tearing up shoes and furniture. Finish different moving tasks around your routine—such as having a family member walk your dogs while you pack—to help reduce your dogs’ stress.

    Tip #2: Pack Ahead

    As moving day approaches, your dogs will feel your stress and become stressed themselves. You can reduce this by planning and packing well ahead of your moving date. For example, several weeks before your move, start packing nonessential items. If you or your movers can take these boxes or pieces of furniture to a storage unit or your new home, then this will further reduce the stress of a house filled with moving boxes.

    Tip #3: Keep Dogs Protected

    On moving day, it is vital that your dogs be kept in a safe location away from all of the commotion. Professional movers will be coming in and out of your home, which can increase the possibility of your dogs running away from the house and getting lost. If possible, have a pet sitter or family member watch the dogs at a different location, or keep them confined in a closed and quiet room.

  • How to Pack Your Fragile Glassware

    There are many moving tips and tricks you can learn from your packers and movers , such as how to correctly pack and protect fragile glassware. Your glassware and other fragile items should be high on your packing priorities, because they can easily break if they are packed incorrectly or without enough protection. Your packers and movers in Phoenix can help you choose the right materials and the right steps to keep your fragile glassware protected. Read on to learn more.

    Ensure that your moving box has a layer of packaging material—such as paper, foam peanuts, or bubble wrap—at the bottom of the box. Use standard packing paper and wrap each glass by itself. Secure the paper with a piece of tape to prevent it from unraveling during the local or long-distance move. Place each glass in the box and fill up any extra space with more protective packaging. Securely tape up the box and shake it a little to test for any movement. If there is movement, then add more packaging. Speak with your moving company to find all of the packing materials that you require.

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  • Have You Heard About These Moving Hacks?

    There are many moving hacks that can simplify your move and make it a stress-free experience. These hacks—like placing a rubber band over a door lock—can ensure that you and your moving help near Phoenix do not encounter trouble during a move. Read on to learn about more moving hacks from your professional moving company.

    As you can see in the attached video, you can use various moving hacks throughout the entire moving process. Prevent your packers and movers from being locked out by placing a rubber band around the door knobs and over the lock. Easily transport hanging clothes by packing a handful in trash bags. Keep bracelets and necklaces from tangling by linking them through an empty toilet paper roll. Also, work closely with your professional movers to take full advantage of a quick and simple move.

  • How Moving to a New City Can Affect Your Teen

    Moving across country can be a difficult transition for any teenager. If you are the parent of a teen, it is important to help your son or daughter prepare for your big move. When you are moving to a new city, it is a great idea to make a visit to the location before you settle into your new house. A pre-planned visit can help your teenager adjust to the transition. Hiring long distance movers to provide you with moving labor services serving Phoenix will help you to focus your attention on your teen when you are getting ready for your move.

    As your teenage son or daughter adjusts to your new location, you may notice that they are more moody, tired, or listless than usual. A period of emotional transition is perfectly normal for any teen who arrives in a new city. It may be difficult for your older child to imagine making friends or picking up hobbies at their new school. With professional moving help, you can prepare your entire family for your big move.

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  • Protecting Important Documents While You Move

    In addition to cutting down the physical effort you’ll have to put out when moving, a moving company near Phoenix can make sure that your important documents stay safe while you’re in transition. This type of service is helpful for both office and home movers , as just about everyone has certain documents and materials that they would like to keep in good condition. If you are planning on moving your home or office to a new location, keep reading and learn how to protect important documents while you move.

    Whether you’re moving your family to a different neighborhood or your office to a more suitable location, you will probably have certain documents that you’d like to keep in shape. This could include birth certificates and college diplomas for residential moves, and important tax documents and paperwork for commercial moves. Since it’s crucial that these documents survive the move comfortably, make sure you hire movers that you can trust. However, you will also have to do your best to protect your documents. You can do this by keeping them away from moisture, as well as by storing them in folders within stronger bins or moving boxes.

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  • How to Plan a Last-Minute Move Without the Headaches

    In a perfect world, you would have plenty of time to get organized before your movers arrive to collect your boxes. However, in certain instances, you may find yourself calling your moving company to schedule last minute services. Your local movers near Phoenix can provide you with loading and unloading services that will help to alleviate your stress and strain during your unplanned move. To help you remain as calm and relaxed as possible in the days leading up to your moving day, here are some tips for planning a stress-free, last-minute move. moving - stress

    Call Your Moving Company as Soon as Possible

    Once you have confirmed that you will need to be moving on a short timeline, you should act fast to get in touch with your local movers. While many moving companies get booked out for months in advance, there is a chance that your movers will have availability on your moving day. By setting up professional help, you can streamline your last-minute move.

    Start Packing Right Away

    Leaving yourself plenty of time to pack is one of the key aspects of a stress-free move. When you are moving on a quick timeline, you may not have as much time to pack as you would prefer. In order to allow yourself to spend plenty of time packing, it may be necessary to take a day or 2 off of work so that you can give your undivided attention to the packing process.

    Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

    Before you can completely vacate your old residence, you may need to have the interior of your home spotlessly clean. Rather than spending your precious time worrying about cleaning out your home after you have moved out your belongings, you may want to think about hiring a moving company. Your cleaners will be able to achieve a deep level of clean, without any effort on your part. Once your movers and cleaners have been hired, you can take a deep breath and dive into the moving process.

  • Helping Your Cat Get Used to Your New Home

    Moving into a new home or neighborhood can be a very stressful experience for your cat. In this video, you will learn some important tips that will let you help your cat get acclimated to your new home. By bringing some familiar items along with you when you are planning on moving across country, you can create a comfortable and familiar environment for your feline friend. A team of movers near Phoenix can provide you with more information about moving with your animals.

    When you schedule moving services from a moving company in your local area, you can spend more time focusing on the health and wellbeing of your cat throughout the course of your move. Your movers will take care of loading and unloading your moving truck, so you can spend more time comforting your beloved kitty cat.

  • Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Moving Long Distance

    The summer season is when many families choose to schedule long distance moving services. By hiring moving labor services during the summer, you can avoid disrupting your children’s school schedules and help to ease your family through the transition. By hiring professionals who work for long distance moving companies near Phoenix , you will be able to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that are associated with long distance moving. If you are seeking expert advice, read over these common mistakes to avoid when you are moving across a long distance. moving - day

    Forgetting to Pack an Overnight Bag

    During the hustle and bustle of getting your furnishings and belongings packed up for your moving day, you may forget that you will need certain items when you and your family members are traveling to your new destination. Before your moving day, you should always pack an overnight bag that contains clean clothes, toiletries, and other essential items that you will not want to dig out of your bulky moving boxes.

    Neglecting to Set Up Moving Insurance

    A long distance move usually covers a distance of 50 miles or more. As your movers are transporting your furnishings and boxes across a long distance, an accident could potentially happen along the way. To prepare for the unexpected, it is a terrific idea to set up moving insurance. By covering your belongings with an insurance plan, you will receive important financial assistance in the event of an accident or other type of emergency.

    Failing to Set Up Your Utilities

    When you arrive at your new home, you will probably want to get settled in right away. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, it is important to ensure that your utilities are set up and your home is completely ready for occupancy on your moving day. Forgetting to set up utilities, such as electricity and water, could leave you stranded while you wait for your utility company to set up your new account.

  • Answering Common Questions About Long-Distance Moves

    Whether you are moving for a new job, educational opportunity, or a change of scenery, choosing to move across country or to a new continent requires special planning and consideration. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of your long-distance move , it may be time to hire moving help from packers and movers in Phoenix. A long distance moving company can take care of the logistics of your move, so that you can spend your time preparing for your new environment. To help you prepare for your moving labor services, let’s answer some common questions about long-distance moves. long -distance

    How Are Long Distance Moves Different from Local Moves?

    When you are getting ready to move to a new city or state, you may have questions about whether your move qualifies as being long distance. Many moving companies define long-distance moves as being 50 miles or more in length. For this reason, you may be surprised that your move qualifies as being long-distance, even if you are simply moving to a new city in the same state.

    Are There Special Planning Considerations for Long Distance Moves?

    A move of any distance requires plenty of planning and organization. You may find, however, that there are special factors that you will need to take into account before you embark on your long distance move. If you are moving to a new state, for example, it is a good idea to research neighborhoods, schools, and cultural attractions in your new location. When you move with your family, you will also need to enroll your children at their new schools.

    How Can I Prepare for My Long Distance Move?

    One of the best ways to start getting ready for your long distance move is to hire a qualified moving company to assist you. The team at your moving company can provide you with packing supplies and other types of support in the months leading up to your moving day. When your moving day arrives, you may need to be there to supervise the loading of your moving truck.

  • Use These Essential Packing Supplies for Fragile Items

    Are you getting ready to hire home movers near Phoenix? If so, then you may be facing a significant amount of packing . Boxing up your items for a move can be a long process, but it’s one that can be made easier by having the right supplies. In particular, knowing what items you need to effectively pack your fragile supplies should be considered essential if you’re not planning to hire both packers and moving services.

    When it comes to packing fragile items in a way that will help them arrive safely at their destination, most movers recommend several essential supplies. Strong cardboard boxes that are dry, clean, and sturdy are a must. To make your job easier, try to find boxes that are specially designed for transporting fragile glasses and dishware. Also, you will need packing paper, packing tape, and bubble wrap. If you’re concerned that packing up your home or fragile items will be too challenging or time-consuming, then consider hiring a moving company that offers packing services, as well.

    fragile - items