• Spotlight on Our Safe Moving Services

    You’ll probably donate certain items, trash others, and use a storage space to reduce clutter when you’re preparing for long distance moving, but everything else will be coming with you. Not everything can be packed up into a box and thrown into the back of the moving truck. Larger items like furnishings are durable, and most movers near Phoenix know how to deal with them. If you have a piano or a safe that will be making the trip, you need specialized services. At Moving Team Six , we know how to move safes and move them safely. Read on and learn about our safe moving services.

    Long distance moving service in Phoenix, AZ Valuable and fragile items should be treated with extra care, so they stay in the same condition throughout the move. Safes are used for the express purpose of storing valuable items, but they’re not typically rocking around in the back of a truck. You can protect your safe and the items inside it with Moving Team Six’s safe moving services. This starts with packing the safe properly, both when loading and unloading it. We offer the most secure way to transport your safe, which includes the use of protection to avoid dents, scratches, and other blemishes.

  • Long Distance Relocation? Here’s How to Meet Your New Neighbors

    Long distance moving companies near Phoenix can do just about everything but help you meet your neighbors. Even if you’re shy, there are ways to adapt to your new environment after moving across the country. The most straightforward way is to simply walk next door and introduce yourself to let the neighborhood know it has a new resident. It’s also common for people to throw housewarming parties after the movers have left and they’ve settled in, but some prefer to join a club. Here are a few ways to meet your new neighbors after a long distance relocation:

    Long distance moving services in Phoenix, AZ Introduce Yourself

    Getting to know your new environment may be one of the most exciting parts about moving. You never know who you’ll end up living next to or across the street from—you might even meet your new best friend. Once you’ve gotten everything off of the truck and said goodbye to your movers, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a victory breath. After that, consider knocking on the doors nearby to introduce yourself. If your neighbors are friendly, this will be a breeze. You can also find out the inside scoop on the neighborhood and see what you should know as a new resident.

    Have a Party

    Whether you decide to meet all of your neighbors individually first or all at the same time, a house party can always help. If you’re planning on having a party to celebrate your new home, let your neighbors know as you go and meet with them at their houses. A house party gives you a chance to see what your community dynamic is like and offer a fresh perspective of your own. It’ll probably be a while before your house is set up and ready for a party, so meet individually and set the grounds for your celebration.

    Join a Club

    When you move a long way from home, you’ll find new things to do in your new location. Try to find people with similar interests by joining clubs, societies, and associations. If you own your new home, get involved with the local homeowner’s association.

  • Let Us Help You Avoid the Stress of Unpacking

    If you are looking for a moving company near Phoenix that will provide you with expert services during your upcoming move, look no further than Moving Team Six. For over a decade, we have provided our residential and commercial customers with top tier moving services . When you work with our moving service, we can even help you unpack your boxes after they arrive at your new location. Our unpacking service is just one of many high-touch procedures that you can expect when you work with our team.

    There are many reasons to trust your unpacking process to Moving Team Six. Unpacking an entire home can be a complex procedure that requires significant time and energy. With our help, you will be able to quickly unpack your boxes and get organized after your move. Along with unpacking your boxes, we can also create a packing and unpacking checklist that will help you organize your time during the moving process.

    moving - box

  • Must-Have Supplies to Make Your Move Easier

    If you want to reduce your stress during an upcoming move, take the time to gather all of your moving and packing supplies in advance. A team of packers and movers in Phoenix can provide you with boxes, packing paper, tape, and all of the other essential items that you will need to pack up your stuff and prepare it for the moving truck. When you work with a team of professional movers, your moving services company can serve as a source for all your essential moving items. Let’s review some must-have supplies that will help to streamline your move. moving - box

    Packing Paper or Wrap

    Delicate items, such as glasses and dishes, should always be wrapped up carefully before they are placed in boxes. Rather than wrapping up your fragile stuff in random pieces of newspaper, consider investing in sheets of packing paper or wrap. Packing paper and bubble wrap are both designed to provide superior protection to delicate objects. You can also use your excess paper to fill up empty spaces in your boxes.

    Packing Labels

    Creating an organized labeling system is critical for any move. If your boxes are not properly labeled, you will have no idea of their contents or where they should be placed in your new home. Before you start to pack, purchase a roll of packing labels. These labels will be easy to read, and can help you keep your stuff organized after it has been placed in boxes. To organize your labels even further, consider creating a color coding system for each room in your house.

    Sturdy Boxes

    Having an assortment of different boxes is critical for the moving process. Small boxes can be used to move heavy books, and can also house small, delicate items, like bathroom toiletries. Your larger boxes will be ideal for moving bulkier items, such as clothing or linens. Investing in the boxes that are supplied by your moving company will help you get all the sizes you need and avoid the worry of broken or damaged boxes.

  • Moving with Dogs? Then Consider These Tips

    Moving with dogs presents unique challenges to this process because they require attention and protection. Your packers and movers will be invested in safely moving your items, but you must also be aware of preparing your dogs for this event. You can make your move less stressful by preparing your dogs ahead of time and planning your packing and moving help in Phoenix during the weeks before the move. Keep reading for more helpful tips about moving with dogs. dog - moving

    Tip #1: Maintain Your Routines

    Dogs are used to certain routines built around when they eat, when their owners arrive home, and when they get taken out for walks. It is important to maintain these routines as closely as you can throughout the entire moving process. If the routines are disrupted too much, then your dogs may become stressed and act out by having accidents around the house or tearing up shoes and furniture. Finish different moving tasks around your routine—such as having a family member walk your dogs while you pack—to help reduce your dogs’ stress.

    Tip #2: Pack Ahead

    As moving day approaches, your dogs will feel your stress and become stressed themselves. You can reduce this by planning and packing well ahead of your moving date. For example, several weeks before your move, start packing nonessential items. If you or your movers can take these boxes or pieces of furniture to a storage unit or your new home, then this will further reduce the stress of a house filled with moving boxes.

    Tip #3: Keep Dogs Protected

    On moving day, it is vital that your dogs be kept in a safe location away from all of the commotion. Professional movers will be coming in and out of your home, which can increase the possibility of your dogs running away from the house and getting lost. If possible, have a pet sitter or family member watch the dogs at a different location, or keep them confined in a closed and quiet room.

  • Downsizing Advice You Don’t Want to Miss

    If you are planning to downsize your home, then you can take advantage of tips found in the attached video and the services of your local moving company in Phoenix. These tips—such as slowly sorting through each room—can help you unclutter your home and your life. Continue reading to learn some more advice from your local packers and movers about downsizing your home.

    • Look through old clothing, decorations, jewelry, and trip souvenirs. Determine which items you still wear and still represent your tastes. Your movers can take these to your new location, but you should donate or sell the other items that do not represent you anymore.
    • Scan paper items, such as cards or children’s school projects, into your computer and recycle the paper.

    Sort through items you have multiples of, such as hats, scarves, or shoes, and donate the items that you no longer wear.

  • Have You Heard About These Moving Hacks?

    There are many moving hacks that can simplify your move and make it a stress-free experience. These hacks—like placing a rubber band over a door lock—can ensure that you and your moving help near Phoenix do not encounter trouble during a move. Read on to learn about more moving hacks from your professional moving company.

    As you can see in the attached video, you can use various moving hacks throughout the entire moving process. Prevent your packers and movers from being locked out by placing a rubber band around the door knobs and over the lock. Easily transport hanging clothes by packing a handful in trash bags. Keep bracelets and necklaces from tangling by linking them through an empty toilet paper roll. Also, work closely with your professional movers to take full advantage of a quick and simple move.

  • Simplify Moving with Packing and Unpacking Services

    Professional moving help in Phoenix can be a great boon to a quick and efficient move. Packers and movers have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of furniture and personal items. They also have the necessary supplies—such as furniture dollies, moving boxes, and labels—to keep your items protected against damage throughout the entire move. Continue reading to see how professional packing services, along with loading and unloading services, can simplify your move.

    When you hire packers and movers, then you can rest assured that all of your items and furniture will be quickly and safely packed and moved to your new house. Professional packers have the best supplies and techniques to keep your fragile items well-protected throughout the move. They can ensure that your artwork, clothing, and dishware are correctly packed in new moving boxes. This process will also take the pressure off you and your family to pack all of your items while dealing with other moving tasks. Once the movers arrive at your new location, then they can unpack all of the boxes so you can focus on settling into your new home.

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  • The Benefits of Working with Professional Commercial Movers

    Moving an office requires extensive planning to ensure that the business is up and running at a consistent pace. Part of this planning should be done with the help of professional office movers in Phoenix, because they have the necessary experience and supplies to ensure a successful office move. Working with professional movers and packers will also ensure that a commercial move is done quickly and safely for employees, customers, and the office equipment. Here is a better look at the many benefits that can come when conducting an office move with professionals : office - move

    Quick Move Time

    A commercial move should be done quickly and professionally. A business should not be absent of employees or customers for long, because this can adversely affect profits, business systems, and employees’ lives. Working with a commercial moving company can provide a quick turnaround throughout the moving process. Commercial movers have the necessary experience, packing supplies, and moving techniques to pack up an entire office or commercial building and move it to a new location in a timely manner.

    Safe Moving Experience

    Professional office movers also have the right safety tools and techniques to ensure that an office move is done safely. This is vital to a commercial move, because it can prevent accidental injuries to employees or customers. Professional movers also have the necessary insurances and licenses to cover the cost of any injuries that might occur. This will reduce and eliminate potential liabilities during a commercial move.

    Protected Equipment

    Many offices and commercial buildings will have a variety of equipment that is sensitive and expensive. Many of these pieces of equipment may also be very heavy and awkward to move. Professional office movers will have the right moving equipment—such as furniture dollies, furniture pads, and tie-downs—to keep these items protected on a moving truck and during the loading and unloading process. Professional movers also know the correct ways to move large and heavy pieces of equipment to prevent any damages, scratches, and scuffs.

  • Common Moving Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    There are many injuries that can afflict packers and movers, such as crushed fingers and back pain. These injuries can have long-lasting effects like broken bones and herniated discs, so it is important to use proper moving techniques and work with professional home movers near Phoenix. Let’s take a closer look at the most common moving injuries and the best ways to avoid them. back - pain

    Crushed Digits

    It is very common to end up with crushed, dislocated, or broken fingers and toes while moving a house or office. Boxes, furniture, and appliances are often very heavy and can be dropped onto toes or fingers. The best ways to avoid hurt digits is to wear padded gloves and close-toed shoes. In addition to these items, always be aware of the hand placement on moving boxes and furniture.

    Back Pain

    Back pain is one of the most common injuries that can occur during a move. If movers do not lift the heavy boxes and furniture in the correct manner, then they can strain their back or even herniate a disc. These injuries often have long-lasting repercussions and pain, so it is vital to practice safety while moving. Always lift with the legs when grabbing and moving boxes and furniture. This will help prevent dangerous and painful injuries.

    Sore Muscles

    After a long day of moving, it is likely that everyone will have sore and strained muscles. The best way to combat sore muscles is to work with trained, professional home movers who regularly work the muscles required during a move. It is also smart to properly stretch and take breaks when needed throughout the day.


    Dehydration, heatstroke, and low blood sugar are other common occurrences during a move. These can cause serious consequences, such as headaches, fainting, and exhaustion. Prevent dehydration and low blood sugar by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy snacks and meals throughout the move. Be sure to replenish electrolytes throughout the day as well.