• How to Take the Stress Out of Downsizing

    Moving can be stressful, and having more stuff than you can take with you doesn’t help. If you have more things than you want to take with you to your new home and wish to reduce your belongings before getting moving estimates and booking movers near Phoenix , then keep reading for some advice on taking the stress out of downsizing.

    Local movers near Phoenix, AZ Start Early

    Just like with packing, downsizing is not a task that you should put off until a few weeks before your move. Instead, once you know that you’re moving and that you need to reduce, then you should go ahead and begin the culling process. Starting this job sooner rather than later can help prevent it from becoming a daunting and stressful task.

    Create Criteria

    One reason why some people find it difficult and stressful to downsize is that they don’t have a system established for determining what should stay and what should go. Without criteria in place, you may spend more time than needed on each item when deciding whether to let it go. Also, you might find yourself moving things back and forth between the keep and donate piles, which can be both anxiety-producing and time-consuming. For these reasons, before you begin the downsizing process, establish a set of criteria that you can use to determine whether something should be kept or tossed. When formulating these guidelines, factor in things such as your needs at this stage in life, what sport or hobbies you still participate in, and the climate of your destination.

    Work Systematically

    Finally, instead of approaching the downsizing process in a haphazard way, which can make the job more stressful than it needs to be, you should systematically go through your belongings. To do this, start by creating a list of all your categories of belongings. Then, work through these categories one at a time. Also, consider beginning with things that can be easier to let go of, such as clothing and home décor, and reserving sentimental items, like keepsakes and gifts, for last.

  • Tips for Picking a New Neighborhood

    Each city and town has its own character, and so does every neighborhood. If you have already hired home movers in Phoenix and know what area you’re moving to, but you have yet to select the location in which you’d like to live, then read on for some tips on picking your new neighborhood.

    Residential moving services in Phoenix, AZ Study Up on Schools

    For families with school-age kids, factoring in the quality of the local school system should be a significant part of the process of choosing the neighborhood. Also, if you’re planning to have children in the coming years, then this is a point that you shouldn’t overlook. In order to make the process of selecting a neighborhood an easier one, learn what school districts rank high in the area that you’re planning to move to, as well as what programs different schools offer.

    Investigate Local Crime Rates

    Of course, no one wants to think about the potential for crime in their new place of residence, but this is another important factor to consider when you need to choose a new neighborhood. Luckily, there are a number of websites, such as City-Data , where you can learn about the crime rates in areas that you’re interested in.

    Factor in Commute Times

    For many people, how far they will need to travel to and from work every day is an essential consideration when selecting their new neighborhood. If you already know where you’ll be working, then start by determining how many miles you are willing to commute to work every day. Then, you can rule out any neighborhoods that are too far from your workplace. Thinking about neighborhoods like this is a smart way to narrow down your options.

    Learn About Community Features

    Finally, another thing to take into consideration when choosing a new neighborhood is the features of the community. How pedestrian or bike-friendly is it? Is it a historic area? What stores, restaurants, community centers, and amenities are nearby? Considering questions like these should make it easier for you to choose the right neighborhood for you.

  • Why Office Relocations Require Professional Movers

    Are you planning to move your business to a new office? If so, then don’t make the mistake of hiring just any moving company for this important task. Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons why you should choose to work with professional office movers in Phoenix for your relocation.

    Professional office furniture movers in Phoenix, AZ Hiring a moving company that is experienced in providing office relocation services can be a smart choice for business owners, as they can rest assured that the team will have the equipment and knowhow to get the job done properly and efficiently. Also, choosing professional office movers for your relocation can help you stay on schedule, plan your move effectively, and feel comfortable with the knowledge that your property will be treated with respect. Finally, opting to hire a moving company that specializes in office moves can help ensure that heavy or bulky items that are typical of an office environment will be moved using the right skills and equipment.

  • Making Moving with Kids Easier

    Whether you need local or long distance moving services, the process of transitioning your family into a new home can sometimes be a challenging one. If you recently received your moving estimate in Phoenix and are beginning the packing process, then watch this video for some tips on making it easier to move with kids.

    Local moving services in Phoenix, AZ First, remember to accept help when it’s offered, as this can make the moving process a less stressful one for you. Also, start packing early and pack a little bit every day instead of putting off this task and doing it all at once. However, remember not to pack items that your kids may want to play with. Finally, be patient with yourself and your family throughout the moving process.

  • Tips for Planning Your Furniture Placement in Your New Home

    Furniture movers in Phoenix, AZ Planning is everything. It keeps your things from getting damaged when moving across the country, and it takes some pressure off the moving company near Phoenix. Figuring out how to place your furniture in your new home can be difficult to plan for if your stuff is all in storage, but there are creative ways to simplify the process . Watch this video for tips for planning your furniture placement in your new home.

    If your first instinct is to make a list, you might already be a planning pro. Start with an inventory of your furniture, broken down into the rooms where each item will be placed. Some of these pieces might fit interchangeably in different rooms, so this helps determine where everything will go. If you don’t know the dimensions of your furniture, estimate using graph paper and create a draft layout. Don’t forget about doorways, closets, windows, and furniture you might need to order.

  • Long Distance Relocation? Here’s How to Meet Your New Neighbors

    Long distance moving companies near Phoenix can do just about everything but help you meet your neighbors. Even if you’re shy, there are ways to adapt to your new environment after moving across the country. The most straightforward way is to simply walk next door and introduce yourself to let the neighborhood know it has a new resident. It’s also common for people to throw housewarming parties after the movers have left and they’ve settled in, but some prefer to join a club. Here are a few ways to meet your new neighbors after a long distance relocation:

    Long distance moving services in Phoenix, AZ Introduce Yourself

    Getting to know your new environment may be one of the most exciting parts about moving. You never know who you’ll end up living next to or across the street from—you might even meet your new best friend. Once you’ve gotten everything off of the truck and said goodbye to your movers, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a victory breath. After that, consider knocking on the doors nearby to introduce yourself. If your neighbors are friendly, this will be a breeze. You can also find out the inside scoop on the neighborhood and see what you should know as a new resident.

    Have a Party

    Whether you decide to meet all of your neighbors individually first or all at the same time, a house party can always help. If you’re planning on having a party to celebrate your new home, let your neighbors know as you go and meet with them at their houses. A house party gives you a chance to see what your community dynamic is like and offer a fresh perspective of your own. It’ll probably be a while before your house is set up and ready for a party, so meet individually and set the grounds for your celebration.

    Join a Club

    When you move a long way from home, you’ll find new things to do in your new location. Try to find people with similar interests by joining clubs, societies, and associations. If you own your new home, get involved with the local homeowner’s association.

  • Avoid These Mistakes When You Move Your Office

    Whether your business is expanding, or you are simply looking for a different location, you may be considering a move into a new office. To keep your business productive when you move, consider hiring a moving company near Phoenix to assist you with your transition. A company that offers professional moving services can take care of the many details that will need to come together before and during your big move. If you are getting ready for a corporate relocation, here are some office moving mistakes to avoid. office - move

    Neglecting to Plan Ahead

    An office move typically requires months of preparation and careful planning. If you neglect to plan ahead for your move, you may find that you are scrambling to take care of all of the details of your relocation in the days before your movers arrive. As soon as you have made the decision to move, you can start creating an action plan with your team. Your plan should include a moving timeline, as well as a checklist of all of the tasks that will need to be completed before your move is accomplished.

    Forgetting to Measure Your Existing Furniture

    While your conference desk, office chairs, and other office furniture may fit perfectly in your current space, these items may not be ideal for the space or dimensions of your new office. Before your move, take the time to measure your existing furniture and figure out whether it will fit in your new space. Pieces that will not fit in your new office should be sold or donated before your moving day.

    Attempting to Move Without Professional Help

    Your office team can provide valuable support, throughout every stage of your move. However, you should always hire a professional moving team to assist you with the relocation process. Your movers will have the manpower and equipment that are needed to safely and efficiently move large office furniture, heavy boxes, and fragile IT equipment.

  • Don’t Make These Office Move Mistakes

    There are many mistakes people can make during an office move, such as not hiring qualified office movers in Phoenix. These mistakes can have dire consequences on your move and your business. You may go over budget or have broken office equipment if you do not hire the right moving company. However, you can avoid many of these consequences by learning about common office moving mistakes below. office - move

    Mistake #1: Keeping Inconsistent Communications

    Communication is vital throughout your office move because your employees, office builders and designers, and movers must be aware of any changes and timeline issues. As your team prepares for the move, send out email communications and calendar reminders about important dates. If you do not maintain a consistent string of emails and communications between your employees, then you will not be prepared on moving day and your business could suffer.

    Mistake #2: Failing to Hire Professional Office Movers

    Office moving is a different experience from home moving. You must consider your employees, electronics, office equipment, and the logistics of leaving one commercial location for another. Moving your office should not be handled by yourself or your employees, because you still have to worry about running your business. Work with a professional office moving company that can help you make a moving checklist, pack equipment correctly, and move everything quickly and efficiently.

    Mistake #3: Declining to Make a Moving Budget

    Budgets are necessary to running a successful business and making a successful move to a new office. If you do not have a moving budget in place, then you may find yourself spending too much money on tasks or items that are not essential to the move. For example, without a budget, you may pay overtime to employees inexperienced in moving when you could put that money toward a moving company. If you are unsure of how to make an office moving budget, speak with your financial department and chosen moving company for templates and advice.

  • Downsizing Advice You Don’t Want to Miss

    If you are planning to downsize your home, then you can take advantage of tips found in the attached video and the services of your local moving company in Phoenix. These tips—such as slowly sorting through each room—can help you unclutter your home and your life. Continue reading to learn some more advice from your local packers and movers about downsizing your home.

    • Look through old clothing, decorations, jewelry, and trip souvenirs. Determine which items you still wear and still represent your tastes. Your movers can take these to your new location, but you should donate or sell the other items that do not represent you anymore.
    • Scan paper items, such as cards or children’s school projects, into your computer and recycle the paper.

    Sort through items you have multiples of, such as hats, scarves, or shoes, and donate the items that you no longer wear.

  • Simplify Moving with Packing and Unpacking Services

    Professional moving help in Phoenix can be a great boon to a quick and efficient move. Packers and movers have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of furniture and personal items. They also have the necessary supplies—such as furniture dollies, moving boxes, and labels—to keep your items protected against damage throughout the entire move. Continue reading to see how professional packing services, along with loading and unloading services, can simplify your move.

    When you hire packers and movers, then you can rest assured that all of your items and furniture will be quickly and safely packed and moved to your new house. Professional packers have the best supplies and techniques to keep your fragile items well-protected throughout the move. They can ensure that your artwork, clothing, and dishware are correctly packed in new moving boxes. This process will also take the pressure off you and your family to pack all of your items while dealing with other moving tasks. Once the movers arrive at your new location, then they can unpack all of the boxes so you can focus on settling into your new home.

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