Make Your Move Seamless and Stress-free with Our Moving Checklist!

 If you need a comprehensive moving checklist, Phoenix, AZ-based movers Moving Team Six has you covered! We are a family-owned and -operated moving company on a mission to make our client’s lives a little easier. With over ten years of experience under our belts, we are trained to handle any situation to ensure everything is done right the first time. We even offer free, in-home moving quotes, so you never have to guess how much you’ll be paying for our services. Keep reading for a guide on how to prepare for your big move, you can also check our downloadable, more comprehensive moving guide for more details!

Two Months Before Your Move

Though this may seem pretty far in advance, we’ve come to learn that you can never be over-prepared for an uprooting. Moving shouldn’t be a free-for-all! There is a strategy to follow if you want to stay stress-free and in control of your move, no matter how big or small. The things you will want to focus on at this point will include the following:

  • Visit each room within your home and begin the process of sorting through all closets, drawers, and cupboards. This is a convenient time to evaluate what you’ve been hoarding throughout the years, purging those items that you no longer want or need.
  • Make a thorough inventory of all the valuables you plan to move and determine the replacement value. In the event that something becomes damaged during the move, this is an excellent record to have handy for insurance purposes.
  • Begin obtaining estimates from moving companies and decide who you’ll be using.
  • Create a moving binder. This way, during the chaos of the move, you can feel at ease knowing you have all the information you need in one organized place.

Six Weeks Before Your Move

This is about the time where things start getting more serious, and you should begin cracking down on any finalizations or arrangements needing to be made. These obligations may seem a bit more tedious, but you’ll be glad you didn’t wait until the last minute if any complications arise! Here’s what to focus on:

  • Finalize any real estate or rental needs.
  • If you are moving out of town, make all of your travel arrangements at this time.
  • If you have children that will be making this move with you, organize any school records, and request for them to be transferred.
  • Obtain all copies of medical records for yourself and each family member. Additionally, you can ask your doctor if they can recommend doctors in your new community.
  • Consult your insurance agent to find out if any changes to your policies will be necessary.
  • If you can, it will be helpful to go to your new home and take thorough measurements to ensure any larger pieces of furniture can fit through your new doorways.

One Month Before Your Move

Time to get down to business! Tie up any loose ends and start packing. The more organized you remain, the more relaxed your move will be, trust us. Focus on these aspects:

  • Begin contacting your utility companies to have your services disconnected one day after your move, and have your new services set up so that they are activated two days before you arrive at your new location.
  • Are you not planning on moving everything in right away? Arrange to have a storage unit in your new area, so you have a safe place to store your valuables.
  • If you’re packing all your things up yourself, now is the time to round everything up! You should sort everything into precisely labeled boxes, so unpacking at your new residence is a breeze.

One Week Before Your Move

If you’ve been preparing adequately, most arrangements should be figured out at this point. Now, you’re just setting yourself up for success with some final touches! Focus on the following:

  • Finish packing but make sure to set any necessities aside, so they are accessible and not dispersed in a bunch of separate boxes.
  • Confirm any travel arrangements and get your car in the shop for a tune-up.
  • Arrange for payment or deposit for the movers and try to remember to have cash on hand so you can tip accordingly.
  • Get in touch with your moving company and double-check they have all the correct information.
  • Complete change-of-address forms through USPS and inform appropriate companies of your new address.
  • Cancel your newspaper subscriptions.
  • Notify your employers – new and old – of your new contact information.
  • Clean any rugs or drapery and have them packed for moving.
  • If applicable, obtain any health records from your vet if you have pets that will be traveling by air.
  • Be sure to refill any prescriptions you have and change your pick-up location.
  • If you’re moving out of an apartment, ask about the property’s rules on moving to ensure you aren’t charged with any fees.

A Few Days Before Your Move

Moving can be stressful; we get it! Take this time to decompress and double-check your checklist to ensure you’ve set yourself up for success. The only things we recommend you exert energy to right now is the following:

  • If you plan to bring food on your move, pack everything up in a cooler.
  • Defrost your freezer 24-hours before moving day.
  • Triple check your checklist (just in case!)
  • RELAX, you’re almost there!

The Day of Your Move

It’s showtime! Remain calm and trust that our movers will take good care of you and your belongings. With Moving Team Six, you’re in good hands! Here’s what you should be doing at this point:

  • Pack your first-night box so things you’ll likely need will be in one, easily accessible place.
  • Accompany our movers as they inventory your possessions and make inventory reports.
  • Sign the bill of lading/inventory. Make sure to obtain your copy and put them in your designated moving binder.
  • Go around to each room to make sure nothing has been left behind!
  • Lock all windows, turn off lights, and close doors.

You Made It!

A new chapter awaits! We hope this moving checklist will serve you well. When you need movers in the Phoenix, AZ area, who better to call than the seasoned professionals at Moving Team Six. Don’t settle on amateur movers when you can have the best of the best! We not only offer fair and affordable prices, but our dedication to customer care is second to none!  Contact us today for your free in-home quote or call us at (602) 923-0040. Let us show you what the Ultimate Moving Experience is all about. You’ll be thrilled you did, that’s our promise!

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