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As your upcoming move approaches, it is natural to have a few different concerns on your mind. One of the most common worries we hear at Moving Team Six is how you will safely get your belongings from your current location to the next. With over a decade of experience, our professional movers can transport your items and keep them in one piece. We serve the greater Phoenix area and beyond.

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Even if you are just moving across town, your belongings still need a safe and secure method of transportation. We can provide you with local moving services that get your items from your old home to your new location quickly and safely.

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Local Moving


A long-distance move requires more planning and reliability in your moving company. We are highly experienced in cross-country moves and work hard to ensure that your belongings will arrive as they were before.

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Long Distance Moving

There are certain techniques which must be employed for a residential move, and you can count on our team to know exactly what to do to protect your items for safe packing and moving, including those delicate and heavy belongings.

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Residential Moving

If you need assistance moving a piano, our team is trained and experienced in how to properly pack, secure, and move pianos of all sizes. We know that this is likely a prized possession and we will take care of your piano during transport.

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Whether you are moving your office to a new location or closing your business, you need a moving team that is competent and professional. We are here to help the moving process get completed efficiently.

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Office Moving
Piano Moving
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We are happy to provide you with additional help with packing and moving your safe. A heavy-duty safe may be difficult to transport and our moving team has the tools and equipment to move your item from one location to another.

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Safe Moving
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Our skilled moving professionals can pack and unpack all of your belongings for your residential or commercial move. We provide all the packing materials, and we treat all the items we handle with the highest level of care.

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Packing & Unpacking
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