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Moving Your Belongings Cross-Country

Are you confident about moving your belongings cross-country? Interstate moves are some of the most stressful for both business owners and private individuals or family households because of the many factors involved in a cross-country move. In addition to packing your belongings, you must hire a reputable long-distance moving company, change your address on all your various bills and accounts, and take care of several other arrangements before you leave. When you decide to trust Moving Team Six in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, area with the entire longdistance moving process, you can feel confident your items will be safely transported to the new location and will be ready to help you start a new chapter in your life. 

Long-distance moving service from Phoenix

When you’re moving across county, state, or country lines, you can’t be bothered dealing with multiple moving companies to try and pack, transport, deliver, and unpack your boxes. Tracking your belongings will become a huge hassle at best and result in lost or damaged items in the worst cases. That’s why Moving Team Six offers a standard long-distance moving package that covers you and your belongings with door-to-door help from the same company with a reputation (and tracking services) you can trust. Our moving package is available for any size apartment or home and works for any move within the continental United States or Canada, whether you’re moving to our home base in Phoenix, leaving it behind, or something in between.

The door-to-door moving package

The Moving Team Six standard door-to-door service for long-distance moves includes: 

  • A large truck to accommodate your belongings after a free in-house quote 
  • Complete packing and/or services as desired to ensure your belongings are wrapped professionally and save you the effort of unboxing 
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture or other large items at each end of the move
  • Moving pads and blankets to protect your furniture and appliances too large for a box
  • Shrinkwrap and packing supplies to keep small items safe
  • Hand truck and dollies for moving packed items into the truck 
  • Toolbag for quick repairs

Make your cross-country move a stress-free experience

You have enough to think about when uprooting your life from one city or state to another; you don’t need to also worry about whether all your favorite possessions will arrive intact at your new address! With the help of our long-distance moving company team in Phoenix, we’ll make moving out-of-state a positive, stress-free experience so you can enjoy the excitement involved in moving to a new city.  

To help you feel confident in your choice of cross-country movers, visit the Meet Our Team page to get to know us or check out our Blogs to get helpful tips that will prepare you for the moving process. Then call our long-distance moving company at 602-923-0040 to get started with a free quote! 




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