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Safe & Organized Moving Services in Phoenix

For many people, packing and unpacking services is one of the most dreaded aspects of moving. Not only does it take an extensive amount of time, but it is also physically exhausting. At Moving Team Six, we can handle the entire packing and unpacking services for you! Whether you are packing away files and supplies for an office move or you are crating everything up in your home for a residential move, you can count on our ethical and honest team to get the job done in an efficient and organized manner.

A couple packing and taping boxes for their moving

What We Provide

When you hire us for your packing/unpacking, we will:

  • Provide all the necessary supplies (boxes, tape, labels, etc.)
  • Handle all the packing, which includes wrapping delicate items for added safety and security
  • Unpack all boxes and crates after they are moved to the new location
  • Provide you with checklists and tips to help keep everything as organized as possible

Our Phoenix moving company has more than 10 years of experience. If you would like to learn more about our packing and unpacking services, please call us at 602-923-0040!

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