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11 Tips for Moving Your Plants to Your New Home

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You’ve spent time finding the right plants for your home and now you’re planning to move. Is it possible to move potted plants? Yes! Moving your green thumb has never been simpler with these DIY tips. If you’re still not convinced, Moving Team Six can move your plants as long you’re staying in Arizona.

Tips for Moving Your Green Thumb

  1. Preview your new home keeping in mind where you will place plants. If they won’t all fit, find them new homes before you’re overrun with foliage.

  2. A few weeks before you move, move plants from ceramic pots to lighter weight plastic pots of the same size.

  3. Two weeks before moving day, prune larger plants for easier packing.

  4. Check plants for insects or parasites. Treat the plant or avoid moving.

  5. On moving a day or the night before, place a plant in a box making sure it is secure at the bottom. Dish packs and paper around the base to keep it steady while in transit. Punch air holes and loosely fashion the lid.

  6. Wrap plants in sheets or tie branches of larger plants loosely so plants are easier to pick up and to prevent breakage while in transit.

  7. Clearly, mark the lid so they aren’t moved into the moving truck. Load into your climate controlled vehicle to prevent damage.

  8. If you’re moving in an open vehicle, cover plants to prevent leaf loss and other damage.

  9. Don’t leave plants packed too long especially in the heat of the Phoenix summer. Be especially gentle with houseplants as they aren’t used to the heat.

  10. Unpack plants from the bottom of the box to minimize damage.

  11. Water plants after they are unpacked.

If you’re moving from another state into Arizona, check with the Arizona Department of Agriculture for regulations regarding moving plants into the state.

Concerned about moving your green thumb? Contact us or call Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040.

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