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Long Distance Relocation? Here’s How to Meet Your New Neighbors

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Long distance moving companies near Phoenix can do just about everything but help you meet your neighbors. Even if you’re shy, there are ways to adapt to your new environment after moving across the country. The most straightforward way is to simply walk next door and introduce yourself to let the neighborhood know it has a new resident. It’s also common for people to throw housewarming parties after the movers have left and they’ve settled in, but some prefer to join a club. Here are a few ways to meet your new neighbors after a long distance relocation:

Getting to know your new environment may be one of the most exciting parts about moving. You never know who you’ll end up living next to or across the street from—you might even meet your new best friend. Once you’ve gotten everything off of the truck and said goodbye to your movers, the first thing you’ll want to do is take a victory breath. After that, consider knocking on the doors nearby to introduce yourself. If your neighbors are friendly, this will be a breeze. You can also find out the inside scoop on the neighborhood and see what you should know as a new resident.

Have a Party

Whether you decide to meet all of your neighbors individually first or all at the same time, a house party can always help. If you’re planning on having a party to celebrate your new home, let your neighbors know as you go and meet with them at their houses. A house party gives you a chance to see what your community dynamic is like and offer a fresh perspective of your own. It’ll probably be a while before your house is set up and ready for a party, so meet individually and set the grounds for your celebration.

Join a Club

When you move a long way from home, you’ll find new things to do in your new location. Try to find people with similar interests by joining clubs, societies, and associations. If you own your new home, get involved with the local homeowner’s association.

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