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Luxury Property Group Relies on Moving Team Six

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Luxury Property Group, part of Russ Lyon ǀ Sotheby’s International Realty, specializes in representing buyers and sellers of custom homes in north Scottsdale’s golf communities. Its clients’ homes are spread throughout prestigious communities like Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Estancia, Whisper Rock, Desert Mountain, and Mirabel.

Fortunately for real-estate agent Will Foote, one of Luxury Property Group’s three members, Moving Team Six has been serving the packing and moving needs of high-end clients in communities like these since the company’s founding in 2001. The company’s unique level of customer service and attention to detail, even for typical packing and moving jobs, sets it apart from other movers.

Foote says he calls Moving Team Six to help his clients transport their belongings as near as across the street or as far as across the country. “Moving Team Six can do any size job with an incredible level of service,” he said.

The company handles complex moves with equal ease. Foote recalls the case of clients who moved out of state but left the home furnished in order to help sell the property. Once Luxury Property Group had a contract from a buyer, Moving Team Six came in to pack the home’s contents and divide it up for moves to not just one property, but to two other properties, the clients owned. Moving Team Six coordinated the packing and seamlessly shipped the two sets of goods to their two new destinations across the country.

Moving Team Six, headquartered in Phoenix, was founded as The Perfectionist Moving Services. Tim Lee started the moving service after clients of its sister company, The Perfectionist Home Services, requested help moving items in and out of their Scottsdale and north Phoenix homes. When Garrett Lee and J.T. Lee joined their father in the family business in 2012, the three rebranded the company as Moving Team Six to put more emphasis on moving services and help grow the company for the future.

Moving Team Six holds itself to the highest standards of customer service. Like the U.S. military’s special mission unit known as SEAL Team Six, Moving Team Six’s team of moving professionals applies its highly skilled expertise and attention to detail to the biggest of challenges.

“Moving Team Six always says ‘yes’ to the requests of our clients,” Foote said. “When dealing with such a high-end clientele, it’s critical to meet or exceed their expectations. Moving Team Six seems to have a knack for doing just that.”

That knack is no accident.

“We’ve been serving north Scottsdale clients ever since they started asking The Perfectionist Home Services for help with moving,” said Garrett Lee of Moving Team Six. “Exceeding these clients’ expectations is simply part of who Moving Team Six is today.”

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