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Planning a Cross-Country Move

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When you make the decision to move across the country, it is time to start calling long-distance moving companies near Phoenix. Moving your entire household so far can be very stressful. Utilizing the moving services of professional packers and movers will keep you and your family calm during what should be an exciting transition.

Start Making Calls

Any move usually requires making a few phone calls, at least, but moving across the country will require a lot of communication efforts. You will be communicating with your long-distance moving company, your landlord for your current and future home, and various utility companies. Do not forget to call your friends, family, and job to start planning any going away events you might have. In addition to making all of these calls, keep a planner or calendar handy at all times. You need to record all of the important dates of moving, utility shut-offs, and other key events.

Begin Organizing Everything

Even if you have a well-kept house, there will still be some room or closet that needs to be organized. Go through each room—probably starting with your junk room or garage—and designate at least three different piles. These piles will be for items you plan to keep/pack, throw away, and donate/sell. As you create these piles, start packing as you go. Do not put items in a trash bag unless you plan on throwing them away; this will help stop you from accidentally throwing away something you did not mean to.

Create a Checklist

Your moving company will have an inventory list of their own, and many offer a basic moving checklist. You can utilize these options, or create one yourself. The checklist should include a multitude of tasks to do and information about what you are packing. Keep this checklist/inventory with you at all times during the packing, loading, moving, and the unloading of your home. This will help to know that everything made it during your cross-country move and that you performed the tasks you needed to.

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