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Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Space

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You move into your new home and realize there just isn’t enough space for all your belongings yet. Pre-planning your storage space can make your life a lot easier and moving day a lot simpler. As with any move, it’s important to plan ahead. Here are our tips for choosing the right storage space:

  1. Location. If you’re only storing items temporarily, you probably want storage space that’s close to your new home so you’re not sitting in traffic just to access your storage space. Don’t let that be the only factor as the safety and preservation of your household items is the top priority.

  2. Climate Controlled. Are you storing antiques, a classic car or other valuables? Consider if you need a climate controlled storage unit. This is especially important in Phoenix where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees for months at a time.

  3. Terms of Contract. Before signing on what you think is the right storage space, be sure you’re not locked into a contract for a period of time that exceeds your need for storage. Otherwise, you could be paying for a unit after it is empty.

  4. Size (and Type) Matters. The reason you need a storage space is that there isn’t enough space at your new home for all of your stuff so don’t get storage that’s too small for the overflow. The right size depends on the type of items being stored as well as how accessible they need to be to you on a regular basis. Consider if you need space for an RV, boat or other recreational equipment as those may require space separate from boxes and furniture.

  5. Access and Security. Make sure you have access to your storage space when it is convenient for you. If they’re open by appointment only during regular work hours, you might consider a different place. To keep items secure, consider more security than a keycard and code system. It will cost you more for storage but your items will be more protected.

If you think you need storage space after your move, Moving Team Six can help you find the best storage location for your valuables.

Contact us or call Moving Team Six at 602-923-0040.

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