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What to Do with Your Food When You Move

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Between packing up your belongings, changing your address, and hiring movers near Phoenix, it can be easy for certain chores to slip your mind when you’re moving. You’ll need to do something with all the food in your fridge, whether you’re moving across the country or moving next door. Don’t stock up on perishable food items before you move, eat whatever you can, and try to donate what you have left so that it doesn’t go to waste. Here’s more on what to do with your food when you move. food – cabinet

It’s a natural inclination to want to take advantage of sales that you come across while you’re grocery shopping, but right before a move might not be the best time. Keep in mind that any food you end up throwing out won’t contribute to the deal, and a lot tends to get thrown out when you move. This is why you should stop stocking up on food if you’ve only got a few days before the movers show up. You should especially refrain from buying perishable products in bulk if the moving company is about to be on your doorstep.

Eat What You Can

If you’re not on a strict diet, moving can give you an excuse to do a little bit of indulging. Anything that won’t be coming with you and the movers will still need to go somewhere, so why not your stomach? Try to eat what’s in your refrigerator in the days prior to your move so that a minimal amount goes to waste.

Toss or Donate the Rest

There are almost always some leftovers in the fridge that can’t come with your family and the moving company. If you plan in advance, you can donate some of the food that would normally go bad. You can give it to friends, leave it to family members, or talk to a donation service to see what you can give to charity. It all needs to be dealt with before the house movers come and you take off, and it’s nice to ensure that it goes to use.

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